Trois pans - Eric Schamschula
Coquillage - Jörg F. Zimmermann
Eole - Louis Leloup
Energy of Element - Dana Vachtová
Re - Théodor G. Sellner
Pyramide - René Roubicek
Vase des trois règnes - A. Leperlier
Rêverie - Matéi Negreanu
Transparence - Steven Weinberg
Transparence - François Vigorie
Cristal - Jean-Claude Novaro
Disque - Jean-Paul Raymond
Arc en ciel - Pavel Hlava
Trio - Jan Siedlecki
4 éléments - Pavel Trnka
Femme et bulles - Jean-Claude Novaro - Claude Pelletier
Earth - Josefina Kaucka Nerell
Fleur céleste - Yan Zoritchak
Oiseau de feu - Bretislav Novak
Océane - Régis et Gisèle Fievet
Connection - Jiri Karel
L'imaginaire - Alain et Marisa Begou
Un peu plus tard - Jirina Zertova
Soho - Jaroslav Svoboda
Mystère - Maria Lugossy
Flacon masque - Etienne Leperlier

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Gallery Annie Chevalley

Gallery Annie Chevalley

Welcome to the portal of contemporary glass art

E-glass, contemporary glass art portal

The art of glass-making is very demanding, and the secret techniques belong to each designer. However, some categories can be classified, carved glass from glass-blowing or cast under heat, moulded glass or molten glass and sharpened or polished glass.

At the origin of these different techniques, there exist numerous varieties, but it is sure that this glass piece of  art will require a work and materials that can be registered in space and time . Each artist in glassmaking  is both alchemist sculptor, designer and chemist.

In the late 1950s, many creators in search of new expressions, new materials and new techniques got interested in glass art .

The various steps taken by these passionate artists. Contribute to give an extraordinary momentum, which develops both in the USA and in many other European. By producing a new start for this millenium-aged art.

The website, aims at informing the artist with the contemporary art in glass-work as well as its evolution .

The main purpose of this free of charge webpage is to gather a community passionate  by the magic world of glass .

The internet users can communicate and exchange information, entirely related to the universe of glass art thanks to the forum and small ads.

By introducing your log in, your password and your e.mail address, you become a full member of the community : You therefore have the exclusive access to all the items of the website concerning the contemporary glass art your interactive uptodate source on the art glass  .

If such is your desire the subscription to the newesletter will make it easy for you to get an a seasonal-basis most of he information about contemporary glass in your electronic mail box.

Different items well design synergies, they will lead to create a proximity between the artist and the art amateur and heighten public awareness, offering therefore the opportunity to get familiar to  a so bewitching and magical  effects produced by the glass.