The four elements

These four elements are considered as basic principle to all  creature bodies. It is therefore natural to illustrate through purposes, the philosophy of these four element in their relation with glass. It seems that we can by getting from positive experiences to aesthetique ones, demonstrate in thousands of examples the passion- based interest of day dreaming of beautiful solids. That pose end lessly all the time under our eyes, for good materials that faithfully obey to the creative effort…


Les 4 éléments

Through the four elements, the origins of glass-the magic of his sculptures or crystal objects captivate light which contains these 4 elements.

The earth

The origin of glass goes back to the dawn of times , in that blessed land of the middle east where man used to live as a nomad first then he gradually become a sedentary agent. He was in need of secure life, he wanted to survive, to get organised discover the principles of baked clay for the first kitchen earthenware, those made of metal come later and finally glassware .

The  artist designs and masters the work for a life style and materiality he expresses the original true artistic creations and gets closer to living creatures through their forms and visual identity.

He finally manages to merge into a whole unique real divinity like object : earth.

The water

In physics , glass is considered  as solidified water.

Thanks  to that the creator statrts to understand  the unique and conceptual  reality , first by studying  the fluidity of  alchemic  product from its imprecise contents :

Tyranslucid  liquid  or honey like tinted , of fountain  of changes and purity.

That is a show that our eyes enjoy we can see  the glass being transformed  into a master piece

Colourless, limpid source or enamel –shaded.

It produces  vibrating emotions as we contemplate the work to be.

The air

Being completely illusive the appearing reality has no material existence at all ; AIR .

Necessary  for the stream of emotion and the artist ‘s philosophy, It states a perception of strength, Light , Intensity ,exaltation, transparency to the light  in all directions in space.

Air becomes the finishing touch to the perception  of shappes of movements and vibrations of the work.


Historically speaking, those days, glass was melted into  blast furnaces set in open air then the technique got gradually improved, and since  the Roman rule, glassprocessing was achieved in sophisticated ovens .

After an experimental use  of materials, the artist can change a stone into a transparent clear and luminous crystal caping transfiguration, in the heat  of its philosophical reflexions .

The heat of the creator  glassblower  who gets involved  in the path  of perfection, this heat  starts by burning illusive pictures in him so as to lead to a transformation through a catalysis like  process.