François Vigorie

Cristal optique - poli - gravé et sablé


Born in 1953, François Vigorie was a sculptor, a creator of designs in glass, an true master of transparency! His professional background is very personal. He attends a training of electrician in industrial mechanic at Violet School, he also attends a training in gilding on wood and frame working art. As he was repairing an Art Deco mirror he discovered glass and his curiosity induced him to make further research on the techniques of silver plating ancient style, on wheel engraving, on polishing, all which started since 1975. Three years later, he started the sand engraving technique which will provide him with so many opportunities that he will often force to the maximum.

Method and techniques

François uses the sand casting method as the painter uses the brush. Very quickly he changed to adopt flat engraving. He designs wonderful tables and wishes to keep secret the "recipes" and "techniques" used sure of artistic skills, François don’t use paper for his patterns he designs his project directly on the object with some landmarks draw unawares.

To perform his sculptures F.V likes using optical glass, anti-radiation, high density which gives the work a particular dimension owing to the game of reflects produced twice or three times the inner engraved decoration.

For which he uses several engraving techniques to perform his sculptures. François Vigorie enjoys using optical, anti-radiation glass with a high density which a high density which gives the work a peculiar dimension owing to the game of reflects which reproduces two o three times the inner engraved decoration.

“Emergency I” is a good example. Permanently exhibited in the hall entrance at corning firm in Avon, this piece’s a true technical wizardry

“Emergency II”, which was made later is an optical sculpture carve in a yellow crystal, tapped, sanded, chiselled, so many techniques, so many expression, all of them were perfectly handled by the artist.

Developing his research furthermore, François vigorie starts new techniques in 1985 cone-shaping and tried to reach anamorphic effects. As a dare devil, François Vigorie has made pieces which are completely gutled from inside. To produce this effect he invented a trepan very tall to dig into the glass. Mass, pand reprocessed. You can distinctly notice the particular profile of the cylinder on the work. The sculpture seems completely inside in the negative.