Alain and Marisa Begou

The imaginative world
Verre soufflé overlay


They  work as self – made people .This indissociable couple learnt how to master different techniques related to glass blowing – Inspired by the submarine world, Alain and Marisa began to provide their work with a surrealistic fluidity which gives their creation originality and tried to search for new shapes.

With technicity difficult to handle under the effect of a temperature in constant variation, the coloration with alternate sticks has become the speciality of Alain and Marisa.

Approach and techniques

Their works, made from blown glass overlayed in 3 or 4 layers reflect the whole passion and the pleasure of an ever changing style : their own.

Like a poetry star, the bright colours used by artists lighten a harmonizing creation, empowered by the gravity of glass built in layers, beautifully built in a quiet beauty.

Alain and Marisa  Begou work as self-made artists, they dealt with a genre and gradually they got freed from the suggested trends, their production was extremely limited, the critical spirit that used to motivate them in  their activity forced them to present only works  that respond  to present only works that correspond to the standards of perfection.  In general, one product a day, this is  how they used to achieve their work. They get smoothly recorded among the candidates to the classical tradition of glass blowing besides thanks to these requirements their names turned to be a reference.

Metamorphosing ordinary glass into extraordinary  glass. Through hard work they offer  a great simplicity  providing  an inner calm by means of  hectic efforts .Such is the magic  expression  produced by working  on glass  which is transformed  by artists. Striking magic, which coax you into  touching which  gives the illusion of inconsistance of forms and features.


Alain and  Marisa Begou had arranged exhibitions in Paris, Augouleme, Reims, Lyon, Montpellier, Grenoble, Bordeaux  in France  but as well in Germany, Belgium, Japan the Czcheque  Republic.

Public collections

Their  works  are  included at official  public museums  in Paris, at the glass museums Sars Poterie, glass and crystal  museums in Meisenthal, Fine Arts Museum in Boulogne sur mer, Decorative Arts Museum in Bordeaux, Ceramics Museum in Sèvres, Musée d ‘Art Contemporain in  Nice as well as  the Fonds National d ‘Art Contemporain in Paris, at the Smithsonian Institute Cooper in New York and at the Kunstmuseum in the Dusseldorf.

Alain et Marisa Bégou - Drawing of the work

Alain et Marisa Bégou - Preparation of the decors and pigments