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jc novaro - ombres et lumieres

Jean-Claude Novarro

Glass artist and painter


Imagination with power, power out of breath, a breath to give life to art.

Although, incomplete, this sentence could define well Jean-claude Novaro if he were only an artist glass blower. Actually, this man is an intuitive creator, an inspired inventor, a talented magician in glass-making.




jc novaro - vase sculpture



As a Master blower presently, considered among the best ten short listed artists in the world, Jean Claude Novaro processes the etheral material as an enchanter casts in cantations. From these aerial and precise movements, light and right, beauty and fantasy were created. He  knows and he can do anything. He only does what he wants when novaro works, he gets involved  in fantasy. Innovation  and experience  rival constantly  with each other, resulting at the end of the match in a complete strong and perfect master piece.

novarro pelletier - femme et bulles